We’re All In This Together

We assume that if you are checking out this post, you joined us on our wedding day to celebrate our love and commitment in marriage. It was a thrill to be surrounded by each of our families and many of our friends. THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF OUR BEST DAY EVER. We embrace the community you have shared with us and are grateful for your friendship and support.

Both of us having been competitive tennis players in our youth and throughout college, the concept of team and teamwork has always been present. Together, we met on the tennis court, grew in relationship on the tennis court, had our biggest fights on the tennis court, and our deepest and hardest conversations on the tennis court. Apart, we won matches, we lost matches, we led and inspired our teammates, we let our teammates down, and we learned how to handle and recover from adversity. And though our coaches always reminded us of the importance of teamwork, by the nature of our sport, it wasn’t always easy to stay in a “team” state of mind.

Over the years, though, we have learned that teamwork is enhanced by being challenged, inspired and uplifted by community, as well as listening to and sharing each other’s stories. And throughout the past five years as we have grown and nurtured Team Sean & Mo, we have learned vulnerability is hard but necessary. For it creates a sense of community that we are in this together, and together with the grace and love of Jesus Christ we can overcome even the greatest challenges.

This blog was created with community in mind. Because beyond Team Sean & Mo, we need community. We need people of all ages in our lives. We need the single people. We need both the fellow newlyweds and the marrieds who have celebrated significantly more anniversaries. We need the married-with-kids and the married-without-kids. We need diversity. Each of you are so necessary to our community.

We want to share with you, learn with you, and perhaps teach you a thing or two. We want to hear your stories and we want a place to tell ours. We were designed for community–and sometimes, by the nature of marriage and a full-time job and routines and such, it isn’t always easy to make team building and community a priority, but this is us trying to get started on the right foot.

We invite you to share in our lives and to join this community.

Sean & Mo

Sean Morgan Strehlow

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2 thoughts on “We’re All In This Together

  1. I just wanted to share an excerpt out of Andy Stanley’s book ‘The Best Question Ever’..

    Like a good father, God wants what’s best for each of us. So He has given us a question that enables us to live out the values that lead to what Jesus referred to as an abundant life (see John 10:10). Not a barely-get-by life. Not a life of regret. An abundant life.
    But the question He gave us is not, Is there anything wrong with it? The question is, Is it the wise thing to do? To foolproof your life, you must ask it of every invitation, every opportunity, every relationship. What is the wise thing for me to do?

    Sean & Mo, it seems like you have already made a wise decision concerning that cute potcake dog! You guys are very blessed and I am so proud to be apart of your team!

    Love ya’ll, Dad

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