A teacher and a student

Well, summer is nearing its end and it is time for both Morgan and I to go back to school. Yes, next week begins another year at Fossil Hill Middle for me, and Morgan returns to academia, in addition to her full time job, as a graduate student at Texas A&M. Being in school isn’t new; I’ve done the teacher thing and Morgan has done the student thing. But what is new is the dimension it will add to our young marriage. And then there’s the whole being married to a student thing.

One of the reasons I got into teaching was to escape the monotony of corporate America. If there is one thing that the teaching profession is, it is unpredictable. For me, it is the unknown that makes life exciting (Morgan doesn’t feel the same about the unknown, do you babe?) I think marriage is the same way. It makes life unpredictable and therefore more beautiful and more exciting.

Morgan and I have both lived our whole lives with only our own selves to account for. Now that we are married, there is a new dimension thrown into every situation. Needless to say that this next year will be extra unpredictable, but I am excited about what is to come. I am looking forward to starting this school year—not just because it is another opportunity to impact the lives of one hundred some-off middle school children, but also because when I get home the love of my life will be there (probably working on homework of her own) to share the curveball that life will have thrown me that day.

This last month and a half has been wonderful and the wedding and each day following, has been the best of my life (summer break may or may not have contributed to that greatness). So it is with a new sense of love and support that we both charge into a new school year.


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