Quite frankly I am stretched.

We are stretched.

Vulnerable writing and public updates about Team Strehlow have unfortunately fallen low on our priority list due to being stretched thin by the various commitments we have and the various goals we are working toward.

To no one’s surprise, though, we are involved in a lot of things. Say what you want about busyness, but that’s just us. Busy.

And I want to tell you about those things. I want to tell you about our busy lives. Because it’s been awhile.

We are now three months into marriage and it’s wonderful to report that our relationship is probably the easiest and seemingly effortless aspect of our lives right now. While we don’t see each other and sit down and share a meal together as often as we would like, Sean and I very much value the small hours we do get to spend together. We might be busy, but life is relatively simple and worry-free right now. We know that this simplicity doesn’t last forever and we are embracing that.

The work front is going well on both ends. Sean is loving his second year of teaching and coaching. He just finished up his fall tennis season and is making the most of the extra time he has right now before spring tennis picks back up in January. I, on the other hand, am in the thick of the college football season and the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic is a mere 80 days away. As we push through this busy season of late nights at the office and long weekends at the stadium, Sean always reminds me why he is such a wonderful husband. Our conversations go something like this:

Morgan: Sean, do you still love me? Even though you don’t ever see me? And because I don’t cook on a regular basis? And because I took a two-hour lunch break with my co-workers to watch the Rangers play down the street while you were eating cafeteria food with middle school kids?

Sean: Of course I still love you. Work as long and as hard as you want, dear. As long as I get to enjoy the perks of your awesome job, you should never feel guilty about being a work-a-holic. However, I don’t mind you feeling guilty about your two-hour lunch breaks. 

Sean and I have both undertaken new learning endeavors this fall. As mentioned in the previous post, I am in the middle of the first semester of my master’s program. I am very much loving being a student once again, learning new ways of thinking and obtaining new knowledge extremely relevant to my job, my career and my goals. And who knew research could be so fun? It has been fun, though I’ve had a few stressful days here and there. But that is expected upon enrolling in four graduate level classes during football season. (Who does that, anyways?)

Sean, on the other hand, is in the process of becoming USPTA certified as a tennis teaching professional. Though he has taught tennis professionally for years, a USPTA certification is widely recognized as a primary credential for advanced level coaching. Sean is thriving in his current position as a head middle school tennis coach and assistant high school tennis coach, however his ultimate goal in coaching is to eventually transition into coaching college tennis in some capacity.

Despite all of that excitement, Team Strehlow has started volunteering with Northwood Students and are each leading small groups on Wednesday evenings. Additionally, I have been working closely with some of the leaders in the youth to develop curriculum and lead out in a middle school girls class that will take place on Sunday nights in October and November. The goal of the class is to really dig deep to address and transparently discuss hot topics that these girls face that are often times not properly addressed by the conservative church. If you haven’t known me very well or very long, this is an aspect of the local church that I am very passionate about reaching and reaching appropriately. As an intellectual, I have been reading and researching various issues of youth aged girls since I was one of them. And over the past couple of years, I have closely analyzed the areas where the church and church leaders have really dropped the ball on in the way young girls are raised up and discipled. I am very much excited about doing my part to equip and empower these girls, rather than deceive them and shame them.

With everything going on, Sean and I still have time to dream big dreams. We have spent a lot of time setting goals, strategizing, and talking about our future. Being the ambitious, visionary, forward-thinking woman that I am, I am constantly challenging and stretching Sean’s natural tendency to focus on the now and on the present. And Sean being the safe, conservative, present-focused, responsible man that he is, he is daily having to bring me back to real life while I day dream about our next step and our future and all of the what-ifs. Sean keeps me grounded–and most of the time it’s a long stretch for me to come down from the clouds. We challenge each other, we stretch each other, and I like it like that. It makes life fun. We both are inclined to take more risks and we are both faced with compromise.

It has been really awesome doing life together–we work as a team and we each get to bring our own unique qualities to the marriage and make it work our own way, even if it doesn’t look like someone else’s way.

As we embrace the busy seasons of life, we give thanks to our abled-bodies and abled-minds. We give thanks for health, for the constant community we have in each other, in our church and in our family and friends, and we give thanks for employment and having jobs that we absolutely love.



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